Ye Ha!

After an long day including a round trip to Cowtown and a full day in at the office, Joe is feeling somewhat more upbeat about the upcoming Pancake Breakfast for the kickoff of the 2008 Calgary Stampede.

What could have grown into pancakes and all the fixings for ~ 12000 will be kept to a modest 1500 or virtue of an invitation only event. Thank goodness...after cooking hot dogs for ~ 2k earlier this month, I couldn't imagine a task of feeding the equivalent of a small city!

I haven't seen a Stampede Parade since that time with Mom & Dad. We watched the show from a great vantage point and then hopped on the LRT to go down to the stampede grounds. And wouldn't you know it...after taking all those pictures of the parade, we all forgot our cameras for the train ride...and who should sit down beside Dad but Dennis Weaver, that year's Parade Marshall! True can't make stuff like that up! Those are good memories.

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