I can't believe we all start out the same!

The performers of Cirque du Soleil must come with extra body parts! They bent and twisted and contorted into all different shapes and when you think you've seen it all, they open up a new bag of tricks!

They use all the colours in the crayon box and if they clash, so much the better. With minimum props...juggling balls, poles, ladders, trapeze, bicycle,chair and a giant swing, they used no artificial energy...just their own bodies and skills!

One of the highlights for me was the pantimime act where the actor pulled a 'well rounded' audience member up to particiate, all without a word being spoken. It was a case where follow the leader prevailed...even to the point when there was a gun shoot out ala old western movies...and the volunteer got the first shot off! It was hilarious.

I have no photos to post because of the camera ban...strictly enforced to keep all the players safe and sound. Imagine, you are 20 feet up a pole and about to jump to another...sans safety harness...and a flash goes off! That wouldn't be a pretty sight so...no pictures.

This was well worth the price of admission that Joe's friends paid for us to go...but in the end, I went with a dear friend as Joe was on the road again! Sorry dear, your loss and Jo's gain!

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend! We are home for a change and entertaining company...should be fun!

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