Garden June 2008

The month is almost finished but I'm much more to do but here's a peak until my back yard as it was yesterday.
This is the new bed we made late last fall. It has a lot of perennials and some annuals to fill in. It looks a bit sparse but once it starts to take off, I'll probably have to thin plants out to another area or share with friends. The bright blue of my gazing ball is a nice contrast to the lawn.
The is a shot from the deck, looking towards the back gate. The iris and bleeding heart are in full bloom and very showy. Once they are done, their green foliage will be a nice contrast to the hostas and pansies that are closer to the ground.
This is my first perennial bed I made...the cornflower has gone crazy despite my dividing it last fall. The iris are peaking out form the corner as the peony is coming to an end. The delphinium spikes are just coming into form...they should be ~ 6ft or more in their glory. Again...more thinning needed this fall.
This is the new bed once again. I loved the tulip shadow on the grey background - very striking!
More of my fancy white tulips. I'll have to look up the variety because these are the longest lasting tulips I've ever seen...we are going into our 4th week and beside their height, the weather has not affected them! Some of my friends have commented that they look artificial - they are that gorgeous.I need lots more for next year! Love the deep forest green of the fiddleheads in the background! What a show I would have missed had Joe gone out with a pan and a knife!

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Alli said...

The garden looks great. I'll have to post pics of mine sometime soon so you can check it out.