Something different

Last night I watched him sleep! You've probably all done relationship, you can to see and know everything about Mr. Right.

Well last night Joe hooked up to the sleep monitor and tried to sleep while I watched him and the numbers fluctuate!!!! Poor guy, as if the taped finger, neck monitor and nostril hose wasn't enough!I watched it change as he snored, didn't snore, stopped breathing and started again with a sputter. Can you tell there was nothing exciting to watch on the b**b tube?

Well he turned in the monitor for analysis...not sure how long that will take. I don't think I will be surprised with the results. I'm predicting sleep apnea will officially be was unofficially in the past, but someone didn't want to have a big clunky machine AKA CPAP as his bed buddy! We will wait and see what happens next.

In the mean time, we are getting ready for a family wedding, my nephew Gary is tying the knot with Karen. I have yet to meet his special lady, but I think I already like her. She wrote me the sweetest Thank You note for the shower gift I sent! Ahhhh!

Then we are in the home stretch for Heather & Jeff's wedding. The guest list got a bit longer when Heather finally caught up with her best friend Heather from Ralston days. Oh the catching up we all have to do!

Have a great long weekend. Celebrate Canada Day with pride and please, don't drink & drive!
We had a bad car accident many years ago with a drunk driver leading up to the long weekend...thankfully it turned out OK, can only imagine how it could have turned out. Be safe!

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