I haven't really fallen off the face of the world!

Just been busy but not really productive these days. There is a difference.

First off...Joe is sleeping much better now with his new little friend. He's thinking of a name to call it...perhaps My Cousin Larry or R2. Any suggestions? The unit itself only makes as much noise as a small fan but when the mask gets pushed about when someone rolls over, it emits a piercing squealing sound. I'm not sleeping well...but Joe was a dear and got himself off to work this morning after bringing me a coffee in bed. Mind you it was very cold when I finally woke up.

Still puttering in the yard. We finally have a concrete plan on that old piece of deck that was covered by the A frame shed. Saturday we ripped in out and hauled the old decking to the dump. Sunday was a wash out because of the weather. But this morning I managed to get Sunday's deck work done up to the screwing. That's a 2 person job.

So this afternoon I'm going to try and smooth out the centre hole of a concrete deck block. Intrigued? I decided to try and move my clothes line closer to the deck for winter use. And I can't find a piece of 2" diameter plastic tubing anywhere so...the deck block hole is 2" but the burrs have to be filed back. We plan on burying the block in more cement right near the deck edge and than grassing around it. I'd like to be as green as possible, despite the season.

My allergies and sinus have been troubling me since our Med Hat trip...coincidence? I'm not sure. I've been switching between Sinus T*b and Re*ctin depending on what is bothering me most...itchy eyes or that sinus drip down the back of my throat. I'm sure that is also contributing to my lack of sound sleep and productivity! Well must run...this computer is cutting into my lunch time! Be good!

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