Lovely phone call yesterday

It's not too often that I get to talk with Irene aka Nannie. Usually Joe hogs the phone but this time he was still on his way home from work. Lucky me!

Things are good in her corner of the world...quilting and keeping busy! I think that is what keeps her and anyone for that matter, young at heart!

I'm digressing...the point of this post is to see if Irene can figure out how to comment with some step by step instructions. So here goes.....

On the bottom of this small letters after my Until Next Time will see a small line that says on that and you will go into another screen ( it may be in another tab or window - so look for it on the bottom of your computer screen)

Here you can read the comments posted up to that time and leave a quick note of your own. More details in today's go and click on the comments line just below this....

1 comment:

'Berta said...

Hi Irene, I hope you found this without too much trouble.

You will find a blank box above this where you can write your comment. Just click in the top left corner of the box to get your cursor in place, and away you go.

Once you have finished, you need to click on Anonymous ( we'll know it's you!) and then click on Publish Your Comment.

You can go back into the comment area to check that your thoughts did indeed get published.

Thanks for the lovely call last night. You will be missed at the wedding but we will make sure you get some photos!

Love Berta