Fumbling Feet

After not exercising since early June, I decided to get back at it before September. I did my walking three times last week and thought the Sunday would be stepper day. I re-borrowed the steps from Aaron - Thanks! Did I get all the risers? I thought there were 4 for each side but I may be mistaken. Don't rush to look...I won't be needing them for a while! And bought a cheap video, which I watched ~ 20 though twice while ironing.

Well that didn't look so bad...everyone looks cute in their little outfits, legs stepping, arms pumping. Now how did it come to pass that I have developed 2 left feet! I can't keep up! So, I slowed it down to half speed and could ALMOST manage for about 2 minutes and then my feet are going in all directions, none of which are right. So, this isn't as easy as I first thought. I will however try it again and see if i can come close to managing the first few minutes without tripping myself.

OT-I've been doing a lot of stuff in the basement, avoiding the heat. Today is Day 3 of 5 hot days forecasted. The good news, I've got my mending and ironing caught up, purged some stuff...once it's in the bag, it doesn't come back out!

Went over to my GF's yard last night to admire her hard work in developing more garden beds. She's grown so much with her green thumb, it's just great. We were enjoying some cool strawberry wine while planning next year's growing season. Even Ken got into it. He wants some cactus - tall ones for a special corner he wants to design. Not sure where to find such a thing and whether one that far out of the ground would survive our zone 2 winters. But it's something to research and you never know what kind of a micro climate you can create and sustain.

I'm happy that Canada finally has some Olympic medals to show...let's hope for more!


Meari said...

LOL! I can soooo relate to the stepping. I have one and a couple videos from the 80's (I get a kick out of the hair and costumes).

Thanks for your comment on my blog re: the kitchen. The color changes were made with photoshop by a friend. I'm really excited about it!

Brenda said...

when i first started doing step classes at the gym, i too was a little taken aback by my lack of co-ordination. but eventually, i did not give up and i was stepping along with the rest of the class like pro. well maybe not a pro, but at least keeping up