Thanks for that vote of confidence Josephine!

Jo is home again and I could her on nice to have an e-chat. In person would be nicer so I could give her a hug but I'm grateful for this chance meeting.

If it sounds all weird, well it was a bit scary for me...I was trying to tweak the blog and things went very wrong very quickly despite my backing up everything before making any changes. At one point I had nothing but the top black strip where you can go to the next blog randomly. I honestly thought I had done a Lucie!

Sorry Lucie but that is what was running through my mind. Lucie is having problems getting into her blog. Hence no updates in a looonnnggg time.

Anyways, while chatting with Jo she said I could figure it out...and after that I sat quiet and it came to me. And couple of key strokes, a save template and voila! I'm back! Thanks Josephine!

OT Joe & Brian are on a hot shot to High Level today. They may start the return trip tonight when things cool down. I had hoped for some manpower outside but it's way too hot for that foolishness. We learned our lesson in July...heat stroke is not fun! The project can wait. So I've been catching up on mending, shampooed the basement carpet and finally got rid of that horrid spot from the leaky bag of bottles for the recycle depot. I used Folex on it before the machine and it looks great. Great that name in mind for your carpet spots. The nice thing...non scented.

Well must publish this as a final test that Yes,I did fix my booboo. Enjoy your weekend!

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