I think I'm getting company

Kevin called late Sunday night to say he just got his work schedule and had Tuesday - Thursday off...could he come up. I said sure as long as we can work out the traveling details.

Well he arrived in the city this morning, Brian picked him up and I guess after they did a few small tasks around the office, Brian got a long haul run and Kevin is going as shot gun. So dinner for 4 has dwindled down to 2 diners...and I won't see Kevin until Wednesday. I wonder if he'll ditch me to hang with his brother @ work???? Can you blame him...I can't!

After the second heat wave this month, we are getting the type of visitors that Joey likes! Where is he when I need him? Widden has appeared as the back green space is drying up and as I mowed today, I disturbed a few too many grasshoppers. I should consider myself lucky...it's the third week of August and they are just arriving.

Not so good news...my financial program for Dad seems to have cr*pped out. I'll be buying a new one the next time I'm in town.Such is life...things and people don't last forever.

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