Kids & smiles

Joey has been climbing this play structure for a few seasons and he was so proud when he reached the peak!
This is one of the best slides a kid could's an incline conveyor belt, so they get a bumpy but smooth ride down.
Alex has a love of seeing things through binoculars! Unfortunately they left before we could get the telescope out on the back deck.
Both boys wanted their photo taken on Papa's bike. He was only too happy to oblige...but if you look at a certain someone...he's busy picking off one of the studs! Now to figure out how to put it back on.
Bottoms up! This was a common site. Despite this being big enough for 6's only big enough for these 2 active boys.

Jonathan...we'll have to wait another 4 years or so before your solo visit! Until then, you are such a cutie!

A small corner of my garden. I have to take more photos because the leaves on a tree out front have already started to turn yellow. Autumn is on it's way.

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