Stuck in a rut

Thanks to Lesley for keeping the blog going...I have lost interest or is it ran out of things to post or hit a wall. Not sure which, but I'll try my best to pick up the slack a bit.

News...we survived the grandkids Thing 1 & Thing 2. It was more of a challenge than expected. I lost count of "You're not the boss of me". But they were good, listened for the most part, bedtime was a problem, and we had fun. Alex has now graduated to going under the water almost all the time. The tub got so small, even Joey came out to look for bugs or play soccer. When we took them to meet their parents Thursday night - we were planning to drop them off Friday when we went down for the birthday bash - they weren't too chatty. However when we arrived at their home the next day they were excited to see us and said they would come back for another visit. i would like solo visits next summer if Alex is up to it. We could then totally spoil the one without the other knowing and build those memories for years to come.

We have another house guest. My nephew is here, working for Joe's company as a driver. He arrived here Sunday and the next day he put in 18 hours on an overnight trip to who knows where. He arrived back so tired but managed to do a load of laundry, call his Mom, check his email and study for his class 3 learner's which he passes today. And he got an unexpected run this afternoon, another long day on the road tomorrow and guess what...a start up on Friday! I think I'll see him sometime over the weekend, unless the phone rings.

We are eating our own vine ripen tomatoes. Joey almost cleaned out all my peas... if I couldn't see him, he was in the pea patch! We had purple beans with supper last night. There's a zucchini we are going to cut and bread and deep fry this weekend. I think we should have a pub night and just relax a bit. I'll let you know if either of the guys are here to do it with me. I hate solo deep frying!

I'm back on the treadmill, literally. I also borrowed the steps from to figure out the dvd player so I can follow along. For those who have seen me know i need all the direction I can get!

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Lesley said...

Seriously I think everyone gets in a rut now and then. Whether it's life or blogging.

You missed a fun stamping night with the girls - Andrea was as funny as ever!