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  • As the list of recalled products expand, doubts about overall food safety, especially convenience food, must also be expanding. I don't make a habit of using cold cuts but on a hot day, that on a fresh roll with a salad sounds like a great lunch to me. If you haven't checked out the recall list lately, CLICK HERE.
  • Today marked the start of week 2 of early morning walks with Jo & Caidin...soon we'll be needing a flashlight! On our swing back towards home, we met Brian leaving for work. It was nice, he stopped and checked to make sure I had my house key with me! Ahhhh!
  • Kevin was here almost a week, not that he was underfoot...just the opposite! Except for the lump in bed, I wouldn't know he was around! He had fun, hung out with Brian and seen a lot of back roads in northern AB. He was talking with us, mentioned his business classes at school that he enjoyed and that he wanted to be a business owner. Well that discussion could flow into quite the money making venture...water hauling for the remote service industry! Now his mind is working overtime trying to figure out how much a second hand truck would cost, then the water cost, disposal etc...a great grey matter workout.
  • We all had a lesson on how quickly your life can change Sunday. We were driving Kevin to his chariot aka bus, when we seen a big accident happen. A car ran a red light and the vehicle on the curbside lane got hit by the back tire. Windows blew, the car spun around and airbags deployed. A few seconds and that could have been us first through the intersection.
  • The guys are back to work after a fun weekend, the house is quiet except for the washer trying to catch up. Things are good in the Lil Salmon House...hope they are good for you!

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