Walking on the dark side

I started walking first thing in the morning with Jo and Caidin. Jo forgot I was joining her on Monday and left without me...I got over it! Then sometime through the night Tuesday our block lost all power and it was just such a scramble to get re-oriented...I didn't walk. I did however walk Wed - thru Friday. Using Google's map and their walking program, I calculated we did about 2 miles each morning. Not bad, but I still have to do the walk trots and the stepper...grrr...that's a love hate relationship....mostly still hate! lol Is anyone else doing anything to get more active? Drop a comment and we can all support one another.

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Brenda said...

It's hard to get back into an excercise routine when you have not been doing any for a while. I was hoping to spend alot of time in the pool with my weights but that was not the case so far. I have decided that the only time I stuck to my workout was when I was paying the gym membership. I went 4 days a weeks no complaints no questions. I gave it up two years ago when my liver started acting up, but I decided it is time to rejoin since I know that works for me. Good luck with your walking.