Challenges of every type

Lesley has issued a challenge she got through Jenn to eat at home for a month. Well here's proof of my supper last night.Not sure how healthy it was...2 BBQ burgers, onion, tomato and some yummy cole slaw with a glass of OJ.

Our other challenge is with the provincial education folks. Seems Friday of last week a new policy came down which affects our guest houses eligibility to attend school. While searching their website to read the wording in case we have a slim chance of getting into school I came across their "Keeping Kids in School" newletters. Ironic or what! We have someone in the school who is trying to find some answers for us. In the meantime I've drafted my letter to the Minister of Education, our MLA and all of this will be forwarded to our local city newspaper for their consideration.

Still walking in the morning, but it's getting darker and with the heavy dew, the path is getting quite slippery and muddy. denying that the next season is well on its way.

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