Short but productive week

It began with Kevin not in school and by Wednesday afternoon...we were in the office getting him course loaded. Thanks to Lorna for her diligence . Classes have changed since the dark ages of the 70's...I wonder if I could return just for the fun of it???

We've eaten at home every night until today. Off to the football game...supper out but we did all have a nutritious home made lunch...does that count?

Still walking despite the darkness. Not sure what is up with Miss Caidin...she's almost got us jogging beside her. We've trimmed 7 minutes off our time this week! Not wonder my legs feel so tight!

The boys are slowly finding their bedroom floors...more work to do this weekend if anyone is home. Just heard that our 4 way stop corner is being rezoned...for what...a convenience store! Great

Crafting has been non-existent this many calls to make and wait for. I did get the lawn mowed and a few weeds pulled and some red tomatoes picked. Watching UFC Saturday with our friends...the Chuck Liddell fight should be good but seems all the talk is around the next UFC night (Nov. 15) when Brock Lesnar takes on Randy Couture. I guess you could say I'm getting into it...I have a ticket for the MMA later this month. But I will sell it for face value!!!

Hope everyone at the corn boil enjoys themselves...sniff least post some photos after the fact so we KNOW what we missed! lol

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