Gotta love the new Gadget

Blogger has added a blog list that will track the latest postings of your freinds & family. The timing is perfect for me as I'm having issues with bloglines.

Joe & I had a dinner date last night, sans nephews! They fended for themselves...well not really, they just had to cook their noodles for my homemade spaghetti sauce I made in the morning.

I had a lunchtime surprise. Kevin brought home a couple of the guys he hangs out with in school...I got introduced as Auntie B...I kinda like that! They didn't stay long...just long enough to say Hi and grab a nanimo bar on the way out! Kids!

Today I'm in the garden, dividing some perennials and potting up a few smaller pieces for tomorrow's garden club meeting. I can spend far too much time outside...I'm even so bad lately that I ignore the timer I bring out!

Tonight Joe has his first music lesson...we'll all be excited to see/hear how that turns out. BUT NO DRUMS!!!!! Sorry Jeff...but they are just too big and too loud. Will post tomorrow on how things went.


Lesley said...

It's nice that Kevin's making friends :o)

New MrsIngram said...

Love the new gadget .. only thing is points out exactly who is slacking on posting .. I'm feeling guilty all of a sudden.

Meari said...

A dinner date sounds lovely. :) I imagine blogger came up with the new gadget to keep up with all the others out there. I use google reader.