Fabulous weather

These past few days have been most excellent and I'm spent far too much time outside, ignoring my inside tasks. Oh well...catch me if you can.
My day hit a small blip when someone on the radio so nicely reminded all us listeners that we are JUST 100 DAYS from CHRISTMAS! Did I need that reminder...I don't think so...I know the holidays are coming because I always get my LL Bean catalogue about this time! Time to look, drool and calculate! Maybe this year I'll actually order something.
Tomorrow is a special day for dear Brenda & Garry...their 20th anniversary. I hope you have a terrific day and an even better evening!
Take care all!


Lesley said...

Seriously?!? 100 days left?

Meari said...

Yikes... only 100 days? Nope, didn't need that reminder.