Great road trip!

Wednesday I headed south for a night of card making and then helped Les with a schedule conflict Thursday. Both Thing 1 & Thing 2 are in school and it seems like they are growing up overnight. Where is the time going? Seems they are just in a stroller, babbling away.

The next day I swung south again to visit with Heather & Jeff. I was totally unprepared for the continuous giggles from Jonathan. He was a bit upset when the back door opened and it was me with Cody and not his Mommy but shortly afterward and smiles and giggles started. He goes nonstop...does anything and everything. His somersault is perfect and his dancing ...well you tell me! We had the CDN version of So You Think You Can Dance on and I didn't see much of the TV show...JR stole all our attention.

Sometimes the 4 hour trip is a little TOO far!

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