Boys will play

Seems like the boys are a good fit with our lifestyle and routines. While I was away, Kevin discovered that my helmet fit his did my seat on Joe's bike! I guess I have competition.

Saturday afternoon was just gorgeous out. I wanted to play around in the garden so the fellas got a tee off time and headed out. I was surprised that the links weren't crowded...wonder if they were all playing in their gardens?
We ate far too much food yesterday...eggs and toast with apple juice before heading to the farmer's market. Then we accompanied Joe into work - something came up at the last minute. Then Joe treated us to crepes with hot apples and cinnamon topped with whipped cream. I so need to do all my walks this coming week after that! Supper was homemade french fries cooked outside and while we were chomping down on those, we had some tasty burgers cooking on the BBQ. one had the munchies later on.

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Karen said...

That food sounds delicious!! I love homemade french fries.. yum!

The painting really wasn't that hard, but a bit time consuming. Each piece took 3 coats.