Miss me?

I had a sudden road trip. A few weeks ago, when Lesley mentioned Alex's Beaver group was looking for help making scarves, I said I could help if they give me the supplies and some time to do it in. Well Tuesday night as we were finishing supper before the ballet, we got the call...she just got all the fabric dumped on her and her machine wasn't cooperating. So I went down this thing in the monring and sewed in the basement. In the end I only completed 18 scarves...we ran out of binding after the 1oth one and then we went looking around the city for more. Guess what...everyone was making scarves and we only found binding for 8 more. Oh well...I brought home about 20 cut scarves and I'll finish them as soon as I can.

Popped in to see Heather at work...not much else time...everyone is so busy. Jonathan wants his Nannie to visit in November so now I'm trying to figure out my schedule, their schedule and oh yes...Kevin's schedule. Joe and Brian are getting busier by the phone call and I still need someone at the house for him. Throw in another night at the ballet ans we have a huge conflict to untangle.

The Beck boys are growing up fast. Joe had quite an experience but I'll let Lesley post about that. Alex was concerned when I was sewing that I would run over my fingers. So I made sure I had enough time to sit with him and let him sew a bit just to get the feel. I drove, he steered. Did a good job!

I didn't make MMA last night. A friend was in town and only had Friday night to get together with Joe and chat business/pleasure so I gave up my ticket. Hung out with Kevin who is struggling through a wicked head cold. I wonder where he got that from? Oops!

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