Wild Cucumber

The temperature is dropping faster than I would like it...because I'm no where near ready for tonight's frost warning. I do believe that it will happen this time around and all my lovely annuals will be mush in the morning.
This is what the fruit of a wild cucumber vine looks like. The spikes are quite prickly and are the size of a small egg. My vines didn't do anything but my friend Jo, hers went absolutely crazy. She stopped counting the pods at 200 and she so generously donated most of them to our garden club. I scooped up 6 pods in hopes of growing at least one next season. Jo planted hers in the fall and I tried freezing my seeds in the house with a spring planting. I'll be direct seeding as soon as I find a good spot.
After several days of drying, the flower end of the pod pops open - I never did catch one doing that - and inside it almost looks like a mini loofah sponge. Each pods has about 4 seeds which look a lot like a watermelon but with a tone on tone swirl. Ah the joys of gardening!

OT - Brian had a adventure he will probably not want to repeat, especially as the colder whiter weather sets in. He got in the 'rhubarb' as Joe likes to call it. Couldn't get himself out, only limited phone access and had to walk ~ 4 kms to camp. Once he arrived, covered in mud and dog tired, it was too dark to go back and pull out the truck. Luckily someone gave him a change of clothes so he could wash his while he grabbed a hot meal. Today is another day!

Kevin found yesterday's rain and wind quite cold. Not sure how he will do in January when we have the Alaska clipper come in and stay for a few weeks of bone chilling temperatures.

Tonight is out first ballet...Peter Pan by the Winnipeg Ballet Company. Should be a good event of awe and wonder. Then to 'undo' the girliness of the ballet, we are heading out for MMA. This is the CDN equivalent of UFC, a few of their fighters are on the card but no names I recognize because, well, it's just not my thing! Sorry Joe! But I will attend and see what all the hype is about. Who knows, maybe I'll get my photo taken with Herb Dean!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Auntie Berta,
What exactly do you do with the cuks? Are they a salad veg or a cooked side dish to dinner? They look quite interesting!

Anonymous said...

Very cool cukes. Who knew? They don't look very edible though...