Catching up!

The house continues to be a hub of activity. I had a job interview - I wasn't looking but someone thought I'd be perfect - it was for data processing ( not a fun sounding job!) and I'm staying home to do my thing! YEA!

Brian is finalizing his vehicle purchase as I type...first day off at home since he made the gentleman's agreement. Kevin is in school and if everything falls into place the 2 of them will be on the road later this afternoon, heading north to visit their cousins in GP.

Joe & I are off to see Celine Dion tonight after a quick supper for 2! Then as an added treat for a great to see a Jubilations performance! Cool...only have to cook sometime Saturday! YEA2!

Kevin get's his first report card and his marks are trickling in already....he's going to be a star student! Won't that be a great report to copy and forward to the parents! Yea3!

Does it get any better than that? We are changing our basement area around again...more work for me trying to figure out how to do this...but I'm getting more crafting/sewing area! YEA4!

Happy wishes to Edmond who celebrated his birthday yesterday, to Anne & Derek who celebrate an anniversary today and to Aaron's mom Debra who has a birthday next Wednesday!

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mumzy said...

You are one busy lady. Have a wonderful evening with your dinner out and Celine's concert. Wish I could go to one of her concert.