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No one has asked but I got a Sony eBook Reader from Joe as an anniversary gift. Poor only comes with 100 free downloads of the world's best classics! I have 20 more picked out...only 80 to go. The unit holds the equivalent of 160 books at once. I am on my third book since last Saturday! Thanks Joe!

And that could explain my not so good eye exam on Friday. Between everything else I do daily, I've been reading every quiet minute I can find. Bad me! My bilateral pterygia has flared up and I am now on prescription drops for the discomfort. Dr G has suggested drops at least 8 x daily and increase the house humidity. Yes our dry AB air has started...furnace has been programed to go on for ~ a week.

Now to top off my busy lifestyle since our household expanded...toss in a phone call for a potential new job!!! But I wasn't looking...I like my quiet time around the house when the boys are away doing their thing! What am I supposed to do? Yes I will make the appointment, see what they need the help with, and then come home and think about it. Did I say already that I like my days the way they are? I get to putter in the garden and around the house, run my errands, read my precious books, do some crafts and I can still jet down the road in case the family needs/wants me...I like my life...I hope the job sucks and the compensation package!!!!

Joe is a happy camper. He took possession of his new work truck...but along with that comes more road trips, many at short notice - IE...Hon, you can carve that roast tonight, can't you? I'm in Red Earth Creek! And because I knew he would be on the road more often and winter is coming as the darkness closes in on us...I got Joe a GPS unit. We went out and about search of a gas insert for our fireplace...and the unit had us going directly to our next destination. I liked how it re calibrated after we couldn't make that left turn on such short notice...heavy traffic wasn't letting us in, so we went on by. I won't worry about Joe getting turned around on some back road half past midnight of a 20 hour day! Who am I kidding, I'll still worry. That's just who I am.

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mumzy said...

DH and I have also just purchased a new GPS. A couple of years ago, we went to Florida for a couple of months. We were towing our 30 ft. 5th wheel and thanks to a dear friend, used his GPS. It saved us a lot of getting lost or having to turn the RV around. We have not picked a name for this one, but the other one was name Faith - have faith in her getting us there.

Happy Anniversary whenever it was.