Thanksgiving 2008

Joey aka Optimist Prime

Brothers MacLean
Tired Jonathan and Mommy
Newlyweds Karen and Gary with cutie Harlie
Hostess Lesley and Jeff hamming it up
Cody - dog tired but restful comfortably on a playset intended for Harlie! She'd share.

No photos of Alex...who was so intrigued by a certain baby girl, or Aaron who is nursing an injured shoulder, or Joe who was cook extraordinaire or me...the only one to take a few photos. It was a great weekend - hope yours was as well.


mumzy said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog.

It looks as if you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend. We did also. Had my daughter and her hubby on Saturday, and had my brother and sister-in-law on Sunday, so celebrated two days.

Have a Great Day!

Lori-Ann said...

What cute pictures!
You guys look like you had fun. :o)

Thanks so much for your sympathies on my blog. It mean so much.
{{{HUGZ}}} back.