A sweet visit with Dad

Dad looks a bit startled because I don't think he realized he was having company on Friday. We went over to the cottage to find him all tucked into a cozy recliner...watching Bonanza! He was really into that episode...I caught a glimpse of Hoss ...and I had a brief deja vu. I almost felt like nudging him over so I could climb in!
Poor Dad...we kept sneaking up on him...this time while he was having his afternoon snack...again I missed out of something good!

Dad will be moving over to the main Good Samaritan building. This is great timing because there are lots of holiday events planned...music, dancing and the like. They do lots of neat things like chair exercises and crafts...and Dad will be able to take them all in without having to venture outside. Dad will be getting a new mailing address and phone number so as soon as we get it, we'll pass it along.


ALLI said...

Thanks for the update, will look for the address when you get it. Papa is looking good!

Lucie said...

The old guy still looks pretty good. It sounds like he's in a nice facility - Samaritans have a reputation for making their guests feel like they're at home.
By the way, my posts today overflowed into "previous posts"

Bliss said...

Great father-daughter photo!
Glad to see that your father is still kicking. I was a bit worried for you.