Just Because

Look what Joe received this week? One of his Mom's famous wolf quilts! I'm not sure how many she has made but I'm sure we have the nicest one!!!!! And as an added treat...a box of King Cole tea to chase away the winter chill! Thank you Irene for thinking of us!
A bit overdue...Brian and his new acquisition! He still goes around with that big grin on his face despite the crazy hours he's keeping.

Icy roads the other night in northern BC sent him over to WalMart to buy a sleeping bag...all the motels were full! But his work truck had a full back seat, so armed with a box of granola bars, a Stephen King book, and the new bedding, he was warm as well as safe and sound! It's all part of the adventure!

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mumzy said...

That quilt is just beautiful. I do love quilts. King Cole tea? Are you not able to get King Cole tea where you live? That is my kind and I would be lost if unable to get it.

Brian's vehicle brand is A-l with my DH. DH has been a GM fan for years. Glad to see that Brian was safe and sound.