What a week!

Brian had 3 days off work unexpectedly and so Joe pulled a quick...I'm out of the office trick and we were heading south before I even realized it! These type of impromptu outings are a harder to do seeing as I have a student in the house to care for. But Brian stepped up and they did just fine without me. sniff sniff!

So while Joe helped Aaron insulate the walls of the garage, I was inside helping with the day home kids and hemming 4 pairs of Alex's pants. I can remember only all too well why I sewed for my girls and why my Mom sewed my clothes. Seemed my arms and legs grew disproportionately to my trunk. Gee...seems like I'm still out of balance!

We picked up our Wii Fit that the Becks gifted us for our anniversary. I had a chance to make next week's SU cards while a couple of the other ladies worked on their Christmas cards. I wasn't prepared for my cards...now to get myself motivated and DO THEM!

Then a dash home in time to check on Kevin before heading out the door to the Alberta Ballet's Midsummer Night's Dream. What an incredible performance...so much different from Peter Pan. One was very technical with the flying routines and this one was was serene and humorus. Puck was exactly how I imagined him to be. And they had some local children from the various dance schools perform many of the fairy and sprite characters. All very talented and just a magical evening from start to finish.
Last night after a cheese fondue for 2 ...the boys were on their own road trip for work...Joe & I set up the new Wii balance board and had a go at it. Well I'm happy with my Wii age but not my weight or BMI, but I do own a few mirrors so it wasn't a HUGE surprise! Joe quite liked the balance challenges and was ever so pleased to have top ranking on many. But hopefullt that will soon change and I will reign supreme!

Lesley has mentioned she wanted a Wii challenge of some sort, she has still to work out the details. I don't think that straight weight loss would be fair, so perhaps a combination of weight, BMI and effort will work for all. Stay tuned...I'm sure we will both be posting about this,

We are off to the gold medal game of the World Junior Hockey tourney in Camrose tonight. I don't know who is playing but I'm sure it will be another great outing.

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mumzy said...

Sounds like you have had a busy time lately. Great that you are able to get away with DH, even with others still at home.

In the last year or so, I have lost 28 pounds but still have to watch out for those temptations. I wish I didn't like food so much.

Have a great day!