My DUH! moment for the day!

I was awake early this morning...more decided to get up, start coffee and read. I went to put dear Lyla out in her doggy run. I meant to only semi close the door...Yup! I locked myself out of Lesley's house this morning! And it had snowed!

The okay news...I was fully dressed and was wearing my LuLu Lemon jacket and had my shoes on. The better news...Lesley was half awake and heard my one ring of the doorbell! As a last resort I was heading to the basement window to try and wake Joe.

Lesson learned...check knob before pulling!!!!


Anne said...

I hope it wasn't too cold out there. We still haven't seen snow, although they are calling for flurries tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see. Joeye has been waiting for snow every day for the last few weeks. She wants to make a snowman and snow angels with nanny and Josh.

Lucie said...

it was pretty cold last night, I'm glad you weren't stuck out there too long. So you're wearing Lulu Lemon now, cool.

mumzy said...

Glad to see you didn't have to stay out too long. I guess that was the silver lining in it all. We have one of those push button lock on our door, so unless I forget the combination in one of my senior moments, it is easy to get back in. The only thing we have to remember to do is change those darn old batteries once in a while.

Have a great day!