Great minds from far & wide

I knew that Alli loved Nora Roberts...we chatted a bit via FB a while back. And because sisters are a like is so many ways, I'm not surprised by Krista's recommendation. Then when Krista added she didn't care for JD Robb...Lucie pops in with this as a her choice for light reading. Small world indeed.

I do enjoy mysteries more than romance...not enough substance for a good mind distraction. At the end of my day, I need something to shut my brain off of everything things and just escape into a good book. I have a tendency to find an author I like and then scout out every book they wrote through the library. If I really love the book, I'll buy it.

I don't know much about Twilight...but I'm sure both my girls will fill me in over the holidays. I'm so glad that so many are still reading. Seems the men in our household are stuck on the newspaper, audio books and Archie comics! You figure out who reads what!

Thanks for your input!

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