OK, had enough winter!

I know I said I love the changing seasons but this is a bit much. We didn't gradually get cold, we bottomed out this morning @ -35'C. Where as the kids south of us got way too much snow, we have not much snow but the bitter cold wind chills. I have a heavy layer of frost on the inside of my windows. Today when I dress, I'll be wearing all my warm layers. And I may not go outside at all!

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Anne said...

We have been lucky here. We have had some snow, but, then we get rain and it melts away.
The temp has also been above freezing lately. Today it is +10
Great weather to finish Christmas shopping, but horrible weather for colds. I hate having a cold this time of year. It just seems to drain all my energy, and I really need it, chasing two little ones all day....
I hope your weather warms up for you soon.