I must be tougher today...doesn't seem quite so cold!

Finally got Kevin's travel arrangements set. Had to go back yesterday because the clerk had him traveling south twice without a return trip. She apologized.

We put the tree up in the living room after Joe switched the lights...we have all white LED now. It shows up the ornaments more. Still no holiday baking done.

Seems the faster I go, the behinder I get! But bare with me and I'm sure we will have a lovely Christmas with the family!


Lesley said...

I've got a head start on the baking. I did butter tarts avec raisins, cherry coconut balls, chocolate mint dreams, toffee shortbread meltaways and the peanut butter/marshmallowing things Aaron loves.

...plus all of my cookie exchange stuff which includes the White Chocolate Cranberry Cake

Lucie said...

Les, I swear you must have a clone hidden somewhere, I just can't imagine how you get so much done with 2 kids and your hobbies. If I come over with a fist full of loonies and tooniesk, can I have one of each? ;-)
And 'Berta, your energy level has always amazed me.