Busy but unproductive days

When I look back, I wonder what did I DO last week?

We are still trying to locate Kevin's bag in the land of Greyhound. I finally got to talk to a real person instead of all those machines and she has put a trace on the bag. I'm hoping Gwen works today and can give me an update. Let's face it, $100 liability doesn't even come close to replacing the bag and contents. And there's no choice...everything goes under the bus...no carry on.

I'm still plugging away at the quilt. I'm out of my comfort zone...I like black background because any colour you use, pops. I'm not sure about this combination but I did get some fun prints on Friday...maybe that will do the trick. The blocks are quite easy and fun to make.

Kevin shovelled out the BBQ on Saturday and Joe cooked the steaks. It was a real nice treat in the midst of a cold winter. Brian missed the meal, made some serious coin working though.

I got re-connected with a family friend who left a message on Dad's guest book. Gone but Not Forgotten
Tim Clark is the son of dear friends of Mom & Dad's but with the moves, we lost touch. Tim is doing very well and so generously offered to help me identify some folks in a few old camp photos of Dad's. It's like dad is helping me close the loop on some of my questions!

Last night was the return of JACK! Loved the suspense...as the clocking was ticking I was anxious for the next segment. Love the return of an evil Tony...lots of tension.

Joe picked up an early Valentine's Day gift...I got him more chrome for the bike...battery cover this time. I figured with the bike show next weekend, the in stock accessories will be flying off the shelves. and I'd rather pay the 2008 prices. I'm hoping to find the adapter for my eReader in store soon at Sony Canada. Joe's credit card will get a mini workout for sure.

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mumzy said...

Love that little sign about being first - cute. Lost luggage what a pain that can be!
DH and I used to own and show a 1947 Chev Coupe and boy, do I know about the accessory stuff. It was fun, expensive and a lot of elbow grease to keep that chrome shiny. Have fun at the bike show!