Oops...forgot to update the Blog!

My apologizes...I guess I just got caught up in life! We had a marvelous weekend, 2 BBQ suppers and lots of sunshine. The boys had 1 day of snowboarding and another of plain old tobogganing. I guess you are never too old!

The latest round of paperwork had begun on Dad's behalf. I will be glad when it's all done but realize that this will take as much time as it takes. In other words, it's a marathon not a sprint.

Slowly the donations are rolling in for T & T's fundraiser late Feb. Check it out! I picked up a few great books from Hole's. I'll be penciling them in for a bod or 2 or 3! Can't have too many gardening books, especially an autographed one!

Speaking of gardening, I'll be putting in my order soon, going to consult with Jo next door and see if she wants to split a few packs of seeds. That way we can try more varieties! Win win in my eyes.

Kevin is writing semester 1 exams...all 2 of them, 8 days apart. He sure does have a clean room! The next term begins Feb 2 and it's going to be a challenge - no spares and no basket weaving type classes. Lots of science and math! Kevin would like a part time job so he can get some things on his wish list...snowboard, golf clubs, etc, but we will wait and see how he adjusts to the brain drain first. I wouldn't want him to start a job with training and then have to walk away from it. That is not fair to the employer. But Uncle Joe has a different take on it...if your marks drop, you'll have to get a second job and if they still drop, a third job until you can learn to work harder! Glad he wasn't my parent! Sorry Joe!

Busy weekend ahead...double date with friends and we are going to take in STOMP and then go for a late dinner. Sunday we are driving down to see the girls...Les is hosting a SU Open House and I have a little something to drop off for Heather..and check out her new-to-her store!

Hope you are all well!


Alli said...

I saw STOMP in Atlanic City,NJ one year. Loves it. If you haven't seen it, yet I know you'll love it! I agree with you about the whole job thing, sorry Uncle Joe but I'm also gald your not my parent if that's the way it goes. LOL.
Take Care

mumzy said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend. Enjoy!
Know what you mean about brain drain. Sometimes, you have to put off the wish list so that further down the road, you can have a better and bigger wish list to work for.