Another angel amongst us all

Our prayers and thoughts go out to Edmond, Carol, Charles and the whole family. It was sad news to learn of Josephine passing but I for one, am so happy to have known this most amazing woman! Her spirit will live on.

OT- Joe is venturing into new territory...the world of EI!!!! He has started the paperwork but included TOO MUCH information according to the person he was speaking to! After paying all those years, he may just get to be on the receiving end of things. I'm not sure if I should be happy about this or not....but Joe is going to talk about some re training possibilities. Now he just has to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up! lol

Kevin is the proud owner of a brand new laptop! He must be doing something right because I agreed to set up wi fi in the house for him and set up security coverage as well as he surfs the 'net! It'll keep him in contact with family & friends as well as help on those school assignments. I know there's been a few times when I wanted to do something on my computer to find hi, there with papers spread out over the desk. I know it isn't as cool as a snowboard but it will serve him well for many years to come, especially if he wants to go to post secondary.

I'm between projects...trying to finalize the design of my next quilting project while trying to purge more of Dad's paperwork from years gone by. I wasn't in the right frame of mind before but I had a blast re-connecting with Dad over the weekend. I am my father's doubt about that. Dad charted his annual utility bills on the flap of the manila folders, from 1972 until the dementia set in. Just so happens that I do the same thing only I use an Excel spreadsheet!!!!! Dad would approve!

It was a great weekend despite the sombre news. Live each day to its fullest!


mumzy said...

After paying into EI for so long, you would think it would be easier to get some of that back.

It is funny how we tend to follow in our parent's footsteps. Cathey is her father's daughter - I tease her all the time about it.

Lucie said...

Just an observation, I think you just LOVE to spoil all those boys in your life, and they are very lucky.