Time with JR

It was a great visit with my little buddy Jonathan. He showed me the ropes, which pieces go to which train set, where the race car track was and most importantly where the treats are kept!
Everything came to a screeching halt while we were playing on the floor when Mickey Mouse and his friends came on television. There was no distracting this fan!
I even tried tickling his feet...he just shoo'd me away and continued to watch his program.
Later after checking out each of the other small bins of toys, we headed to the toy box and what better way to find out what was on the bottom than to climb right in!
And by mid afternoon, it was time for a little shut eye under the Friendship Star quilt I made for him last year! Sleep tight Jonathan! Thanks fro letting Nannie come and play with you!

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Heather and Jeff and baby Jonathan said...

those are great pics...he was sure glad to play with his Nannie...now for a day of playing with his Pappo...see you next week...and the week after that...