Catching up while JR naps

What a busy little boy Jonathan is! Smart though...he figured out all the parts to one of his train sets and helped me put it together. Before I knew it, he had the train going around in happy circles. Then we progressed to colouring and cars and more Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! So why am I blogging and not napping?????

I'm feeling better since passing my flu/cold on to Kevin. He had Monday off school and was sick in bed the whole day...and Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Kudos to him for going to school for his afternoon classes! 16 going on 30!

Joe got his truck back from the shop. After 10 months of non use it needed a new starter...which was warranty covered. Yeah!!! And we got our roof repaired for much less than we had insurance claim...double Yeah!!!! I think it helped that they had other homes to repair in the area and they just charged us the cost of the replacement shingles. I haven't been home to see for myself but I trust they are the same as the other ones!!!!

Heather got me on to Rock Band last night...I sucked big time especially when I only heard half the instructions! lol Then I got better and then I moved from guitar to drums and found out that my feet and hands don't work together...reminded me of Elaine's dancing on SEINFELD!

On the road home tomorrow before Gardening meeting with author Maggie Clayton!

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mumzy said...

Sounds like you are having a great time with JR.

It was good that Joe's truck repairs were covered by warranty and you did luck in on your roof repairs too.

Careful driving home tomorrow. Have a great day!