Catching up on JT's visit

JT helped me out with supper one night by chopping up all the vegetables for the spaghetti sauce. As fast as I could clean and chunk the pieces, he was chopped them! Team work! BTW - supper was incredible, Thanks JT!

The day is snowed, we headed for the Science centre and took in the Lego! I was amazed at the talented and patience of those talented folks. Those skulls are each entirely made of Legos in 3D!

This isn't the best technical photo but check out the size of this Lego hand! And if you look over my shoulder, you'll see another inventive piece...a guy looking into the mirror and you can see the reflection is also made from Legos!

And what's a visit to the science centre without touring the Human Body section! The next time we hope to take the whole family and spend the entire day there, not just a morning.

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