What a weird week

It seems Mother Nature isn't quite ready to let go of winter. We had one afternoon that was gorgeous...+20 and then boom, the bottom fell out and it's been cold with strang white stuff falling from the skies. I have to admit that we didn't get anything near to what Jeff & Heather got...a foot of the white stuff! The good news, I knew exactly where my winter hat was for my morning walk with Jo & Caidin!
My tomatoes are in desparate need of potting up. The not so great news, some of the other plants seem to be growing moss/algae...I hope I don't lose them to damp off.

I got some spring cleaning done but there's so many more projects coming up. We selected the colour for carpet and it's been ordered and also the wall paint...I dread climbing up and doing those walls. We have cathedral ceilings...look nice but they are a pain in the *ss to paint. But after 10 years or so I will get a chance to dust those light bulbs in the sconces!

Joe changed his FB pic...and after watching the Jeff Foxworthy Roast the other night...his choice looks so much like a porn star head shot! What do you think? I think I can even hear Joey Tribiani saying "How you doing?"

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