Edward Scissorhands????

Alex came out to help me in the garden tonight after supper. I was going to pull weeds but how do you explain the difference between a weed and a plant? Earlier I said a weed was any unwanted plant...so if he didn't want it, that would make it a weed whether it was a dandelion or a petunia.

So we went and pruned the lilac bushes. I asked him to trim away any of the dried up brown bits of flowers and he did an amazing job! Can't wait until next year to see the results in full bloom.

Then we moved on to watering. We are in the midst of a drought...only 11.2 mm of rain in all of June. This is almost as bad as 2002 in which we had 12.8 mm. Our trees are looking sad but I hope the root watering helps them survive. But Alex feels that watering has to be done in intense short bursts that he likes to call 'BULLETS'! He puts the dial on JET and shoots away...I'll know more tomorrow on which plants tolerated this treatment. At the very least he blasted away any potential insects! It's all good, he was enjoying helping his Nannie! I really enjoyed his company out there tonight. Now to rest up for tomorrow's whirlwind activities. We are heading into the city for UP!

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