Friday already!

This was a crazy week. After much thought and referral to our calendar, Joe & I decided to sell our camper because we weren't going to get out again this year. So I cleaned it up, staged a few things, photographed it and posted it in Kijiji. Well we done our homework, priced it right and were promptly swamped with calls and emails. Folks from BC to Saskatchewan responded and within 21 hours, she was sold for our asking price. I thought we would be lucky to sell by the weekend! Nope Tuesday at noon!

Wednesday we went to the Hat to inter Dad's remains. I was pleased with the monument...dated and cleaned up. We also dropped off the rest of Kevin's belongings and to Brian's delight...his drum set. Sorry Lynn, I should have brought you some ear plugs!

We took a different route which was very picturesque and cut about 45 minutes off our travel each way. Still it was a long day in the car. Cody didn't seem to find.

However...the next day, we learned that JT & AJ were playing their last soccer game against each other that night....soooooooo....back in the car we go to head south for that match up. Both played very well. Alex loved his turn in goal and JT, well he loved playing all positions.

We were quite weary at this point and I don't think we could have convince Cody to get back in the car so we stayed overnight. A nice respite before heading home. Oh...Joe had to work this afternoon...what a hectic 2 days off!!!! I'll let him rest up at work until Monday...then we head south to pick up AJ for his solo visit. JT and his parents will follow Thursday evening. Restful weekend...nope...we are all booked for 18 holes of golf Saturday morning!!!! I better find some extra balls. Nope...the boys don't lose theirs, I DO!


Anne said...

Sounds like a super busy week. Our week will be busy with Josh's birthday, listing our home and house hunting for a new one. And, Cait has her grade 6 grad on Monday. We will probably have a busy week too.
Hope the weather cooperates for the family visit. Have fun

Alli said...

Nanny and Papa's sites looks great! Love the sun rise.