Weird mail

Joe was a popular guy today mail wise...lots of stuff including 3 identical envelopes with the exception of two of the addressees. Seems they were former co-workers of Joe's. HEY, I wonder how they got linked to Joe's home address? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Joe also got some info on a motorcycle tour of Nova Scotia. I think this is from the inquiry I made last year for this coming Cape Breton tour which is now on the back burner. But, he didn't throw the package there may be a few odeas running around that HD head.

Yesterday was interesting @ HD. They had a bulletin the previous week about some 'ne'er do wells' stealing big ticket items. The spidey sense kicked in when 2 closely matching the description were walking in someone's departments. A very big ticket item in the cart along with bolt cutters, some sandpaper, etc and they are trying to get rid of this one very persistent clerk who walked them up and down all the for the cameras boys...and then back into the tool area where he preceeded to try & upsale them into an even bigger ticket item while the boss is within observation distance while chatting with the local detachment. The fellas decided not to make the 'purchase, left everything in the basket which was secured for fingerprinting on the plastic wrapping. That sounds like a Homer moment to me! The left the building but may have left some valuable clues behind.

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