It caught up to me in a big way

The weeds have been flourishing and the poor plants fighting for survival. A county near us was declared an agricultural disaster yesterday due to the drought we are experiencing. Fields and fields of nothing but dust where canola should be knee high. I'm going to miss seeing those glorious fields of bright yellow.
This is the prettiest set of gardening tools ever. Thanks Heather! They are almost too cute to use but if I want to salvage my garden I better get them dirty! The gloves have a rubber coating, great for grabbing weeds or pricklies. The basket itself collapses down for storage but I think with it's rubberized lining it may be great for harvesting a few radishes and some lettuce. There won't be any apples this year, the tree is under major stress. Hopefully the deep root waterer will get it through the summer. Even our Russian Olive which is drought resistant is not showing well. Fingers crossed for rain.

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