Great visit

Alex did very well for his solo visit. Only crawled into our bed once...he kicked his covers off and got cold...and listened very well. He was very happy to see his family pull into the driveway Thursday night and you couldn't separate the brothers for the rest of the weekend, even through 18 holes of golf!

Schools are sure changing up their curriculum since our girls time. Alex and I were enjoying a quiet afternoon in the backyard when he started asking me if I knew that the world was spinning and not still? That caught me off guard in a nice way! So we ended up talking about our daytime was someone else's night, our summer, their winter. He really has a great grasp on this. Later in the year, when darkness comes earlier, we are going to see what we can find with my telescope which just happens to be set up in the boys' bedroom! Can hardly wait!

Weather wise, we finally got some rain and my rain barrel is full once again. Everything is brown and crispy here but very wet down east. Ah Mother Nature keeping us on our toes! We now have about 6 tomatoes...which brings the cost down from $500/tomato to $83.33. I'm hoping that changes fast! Joe's grapes are going to be plentiful on his vines but mine are only in year 2, no fruit but lots of vines and leaves setting up for the future.

We got some beautiful green tomatoes at the farmer's market along with our favorite foccacia yesterday. We found our pie guy back for another year and picked up strawberry rhubarb for dess ert tonight. Mmmmm...all this goodness makes eating leftovers so yummy. Life is good here at Lil Salmon House.

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