We went to check out the Bass Pro Shop today and met up with Lesley, Aaron and the boys. We were looking for anything that may be handy on our houseboating trip next month. The young'ens got wet suits and my big guy got some nice shorts. We caught the fish feeding frenzy. The tank must have been 10 to 12 feet high. It reminded me of the movies where the piranha gets the bad guy.

On the way out the doors, JT asks me if we could talk...seems like everyone knew what was coming...he wanted to come back with us so he could have his solo visit! How could I say no, especially as I was going to see him on Thursday when I went for my stamping class? So he kept Cody company in the back seat and as soon as we were home...he was into his swim trunks! After supper he went back out and Papa showed him how to wear his snorkel and thing I knew he was underwater for 2.5 minutes at a time. He hasn't quite mastered blocking his air tube when he tries a somersault but tomorrow is another day.

I can't wait until JR is old enough...not sure how to co-ordinate a visit with him living out of the province...may have to have him for a few weeks at a time! just got the heads up, but that won't be for at least another 3 years! That's a bit far for the "I miss my Mom I want to go home" @ 2 am!!!!

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mumzy said...

It is always great to have the grandkids visit but I know what you mean when they decide they want to go home in the middle of the night. I don't have any grandkids and never will have but my daughter's health is more important.