Not sure if that's good news or not

I am referring to my post on manners or lack there of. Seems we are becoming a pathetic lot and pulling a 'cop out'!

We had a great weekend, just the two of us. Saturday we played 18 holes at our favorite course. Joe got a few birdies and I had 2 break thrus. I managed to hit my ball through the trees and shrubs at Joe's favorite hole. I usually lose a ball and then drop another on the other side. And...surprise surprise...I chipped in on another hole.

Funny how things happen. We get home, Joe goes to put the clubs in the shed until next time and the combination lock is frozen with the heat. He opened it not 4 hours before but we spent much of the afternoon trying to get it to open. Joe eventually popped it I'm rethinking the security of padlocks!

Sunday we headed down to Whyte Avenue for a walk about. Lots going on in the capital region - the Indy races, Capital EX and the Fete au Legal, so the sidewalks weren't too crowded. Popped into a couple of shops but didn't buy anything. Waited until we got to Joe's favorite shopping mall and I found a carry-on bag for half price. Now I just have to see what I can fit into that thing before the NB trip. I may be wearing more clothes than I a hoodie for cool nights.

Food was outstanding all weekend long...and the bathroom scales reflect this! We had the Big Breakfast Saturday morning with Joe's shredded hash browns. Lunch wasn't needed but we did pick up a small ice cream mid afternoon. Supper was beer can chicken with Bud Light Lime. Didn't taste the lime but the chicken sure was tasty. Sunday was a light brekkie of coffee & bagels. We stopped in for a couple of appetizers for our lunch and then we were so full...supper was a bowl of cereal and then tea and a piece of pie. I know...THAT'S the reason for today's numbers!!!! But was worth it.

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week!

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mumzy said...

Berta, are you saying you are planning a trip to NB. I wonder when and in what area. It would be wonderful if by chance we ran into one another.

The weather here has been horrid. We have had so much rain and humid weather, DH says he is going to put pantoons on our 5th wheel if this keeps up. Yesterday and today, we did get sun and hot but still very humid.