Some people press my buttons

I am by no means without my quirks and habits and mistakes. However it seems that the past five years or so, people are forgetting their manners and are being down right rude and invading of my space.

I don't like hearing others conversations on their cell phones & Blackberry when I'm out for a social time. Are they that important they have to stop everything and take every call?

Yesterday I popped into town to pick up some essentials and was unloading my grocery cart when the clerk asked me a question. I stopped and looked over to her, answered the question and then turned back to my buggy. Well I was only half way through unloading and the woman next in line had already put in the order divider and was proceeding to shove all my stuff forward so she could get her things on the conveyor belt.

She was not happy when I shoved her stuff back with the divider and told her it was my turn at the checkout, she should wait until I was finished. She was my age and I still do not know what was going through her mind that she would have done such a thing. I can only chalk it up to a 'meno' moment and the heat.

It is my opinion that we stopped teaching civics in school way too soon! No wonder the world seems crazier each day.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with your post! I have had many similar moments over the years, and I am really glad to say that I am not the "sit back and take it" kinda gal, I always speak up, and its so funny how somepeople are shocked to be put in their place by a total stranger!

Anne said...

I must agree and you should have seen the look on this guys face this past weekend when I put him in his place. We were camping and they were having a craft session for the little kids. They were making ornaments using toothpicks. Each child had a foam ball and a container of toothpics. Well this one guy walks over to Joeye (who is only 4) and took her toothpicks cause he had used all his I guess. Well, Nanny MacAulay pointed the guy out and I went right over and told him that he had just taken my grand daughters toothpick and I wanted them back. He proceeded to say they were just there and no one was using them. I told him, she is 4 years old, and she was using them. So, his wife took a handful and gave them back to Jojo and kind of smirked and made some kind of nasty comment. I looked at her and said., "I don't think this is very funny, eapecially when you have to steal from a 4 year old child. I think they were surprised that I said something. I was so mad.... Anne

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I am guilty of being a BBerry addict, that little machine buzzes and I jump for it like it is the end of the world. But I usually have people (Especially work) email me and not call me on it. because if it is work stuff I would much rather type it out than have everyone hear what I am doing by talking.

I think you may have borrowed what we call my "cloak of invisability" when the clerk spoke to you. April and I call it this because you are right people have become increasingly rude and they seem to think they can just walk ahead or push people out of the way.

I try to politely say thanks, I musta lost a couple pounds for you to not see me. I sometime get snide remarks but I always have satisfaction in thinking of it this way. Someday this person may be sitting across the table from me when I am conducting job interviews. It has happened before and I couldnt very well hire someone who would respect my customers.