Weird few days

After some decent temperatures, we got socked by + 30 yesterday and I almost melted into a puddle of mush! I was not even close to being prepared. Hope things cool off in BC before our trip next month.

The capital region was hit by an extreme thunderstorm last night, thunder, lightening, hail and high winds. Parts of buildings collapsed, roofs were blown off, trees torn out of the ground, roots and all and lots of power outages. With the exception of 1 minor injury, folks were just cold, wet and scared. Clean up continues. We were very fortunate and lost power for ~ 5 minutes and only had a few things blow around in the yard.

We did have plans to go down to Taste of Edmonton for supper and hang around to see The Stampeders on stage but with the storm coming in we decided it would be best to stay put and keep our dear Cody company. It doesn't take much to send her into a tail spin at 16 years if age.
We watched a video 12 Rounds which suited the kind of night we were experiencing. TTYL

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