Dragging myself around today

After much anticipation, I got the girls checked out with the new machine...today. This was so much more awkward and uncomfortable compared to my previous mammogram. The girls are tugged, and coaxed, my head twisted back, my hips pushed out but my rib cage in...and then the lovely compression! BUT...

The difference from the last film and today's in night and day. Where it seemed cloudy and somewhat dense was bright and crisp with clean sharp lines. They still have to go to the technician for official reading but I was impressed with what I seen.

I ventured out to do some weeding this afternoon, thought I would enjoy my latest book on tape and just go at them. I was not amused to encounter hundreds of baby grasshoppers bouncing around. They were everywhere. I persevered for an hour and then decided to call it quits. I wonder if there will be any garden this year.

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