Got my school supplies!

Okay...I'm not going to school but I love checking out the stuff for the new academic year. Seeing as Thing 1 & 2 now like to colour with pencil crayons, I got a box of 24. They may even be used for some quilt planning! That group begins September 1.

And because I make so many spelling mistakes when I do write something long hand, a couple of dry line erasers. These are a far cry from the original Liquid Paper that was so potent a person could get high. Did you know that someone near famous invented it???? Here's the details.
That's no MONKEE business either!

I also picked up a little softcover planner that fits into my purse for easy reference. Now that Joe is on a rotating work schedule, it's hard to keep track of his shifts and days off. I wouldn't want to miss TGIF or in this week's case TGIW. It's all good.

We had a great foursome of golf yesterday. The weather was threatening the whole time but we stayed dry and the wind helped with some of the bigger shots. Thanks Jo & Ken for the invitation.

Tonight I'm having a wee tea party with my good friend Marsha, Jen and hopefully Tanya. Marsha goes home on Wednesday so we have lots to chat about. Hope you have something fun planned for tonight!

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