How many more sleeps?

This is a universal question posed by the young usually around Christmas. Or grandchildren who are anxiously awaiting a visit or birthday or first day of school.

Well I'm counting down how many more sleeps before

  1. Stitch & Rip - our quilting group...6
  2. Trip to NB...MIL's 75th birthday...7
  3. Knit Whits - knit/crochet group...21
  4. Garden Club - 22
I don't know if I should voice THE countdown...120 days...are you getting prepared?


Anonymous said...

Eddie, Nathan and I are counting the sleeps till they come visit me, I guess you never really out grow the "Sleeps till_____" stage!

mumzy said...

Time if fast approaching for your trip to NB - God's Country! LOL
Have a great visit here and wouldn't it be funny if we did run into one another while you are in NB.

Anne said...

One more sleep til I move into my new home...YIPEE.
Once we are settled into our new home, I am going to look into joining a quilting club and perhaps a few other craft clubs.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the party in NB.